Around the World – The Evolution & Vision of 375 Park Avenue Spirits

After building Van Gogh Vodka into a mainstream success, Norman Bonchick realized his portfolio should expand and diversify. Rechristening Van Gogh Imports (founded 1981) as 375 Park Avenue Spirits (an homage to the address of Bonchick’s first employer, Seagram) in 2015, the firm became an independent subsidiary of the Sazerac Company. He brought in a stellar single malt collection, craft gin, all natural Italian liqueurs and niche spirits like Turkish raki.

Even as the firm added solera-aged rum and rhum agricole, amid the diversity Bonchick believed a common thread knit the brands together: “They are all authentic, and are all top of their class when it comes to quality.” His conviction is backed up by stellar critics’ scores and numerous competition medals up and down the line. Next step: unleashing that quality to more accounts and more markets; “We are trying to break into the general market with these brands,” he says. “We believe the interest and curiosity is there.”

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