anCnoc (pronounced “a-nock”) is a refreshingly modern whisky that is traditionally crafted at Knockdhu distillery near Huntly in Aberdeenshire by the ‘Men of Knock’.

Located on the border of Speyside and Highland regions – and this is uniquely reflected in the style of the whisky – it noses like a Speyside and tastes more like a Highland.

Literally translated from Gaelic as “the hill”,  acNcoc continues to obtain its pure water supply from the Knock River. The two copper pot stills are made to the same design as they were in 1894 with bulbous bases and high necks giving anCnoc a light, fresh flavor. This ‘modern tradition’ is reflected in anCnoc’s contemporary bottle design and packaging along with its commitment to supporting the contemporary arts. anCnoc is a brand that is not afraid to innovate and push the boundaries with ground breaking new product launches.