Armagnac Castarède

Castarède, founded in 1832 during the reign of Napoleon III, is the oldest registered French Armagnac trading House still in operation. Led by sixth generation owner Florence Castarède, whose family was ennobled by King Louis XVIII in 1818, the House is known worldwide for its exceptional selection of vintage Armagnacs and finely aged blends.

Located in the Bas-Armagnac region, the estate  produces highly reputed, delicate, light and fruity eaux-de-vie thanks to its unique “tawny sand” soil.  Through their 15th century cellars, Armagnac Castarède makes available vintage and non-vintage Armagnacs distilled primarily between 1900-2000.

In addition to its numerous prestigious awards, the Castarède House is one of the 1,393 French companies that received the coveted quality certification “Living Heritage Company” (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant). This distinction is a mark of recognition of the French State that testifies to the companies’ rare savoir-faire, the excellence of keeping up technical traditions, skills, and know-how.

The full range of the Armagnac Castarède portfolio including the Blanche (an unaged, clear Armagnac ideal for cocktails), VS 3 Year Old, VSOP 8 Year Old, XO 10 Year Old, Réserve de la Famille ranging from 20 – 30 years old, and the firm’s venerable single vintage selections are available nationally.