J.P. Wiser’s

In the late-1800s, John Philip Wiser, or J.P. as he was fondly known, set out in Canada to build a company that was known for its quality, craftsmanship, and premium products. J.P. Wiser’s ambition was simple – to produce the highest quality whisky that pleased the eye, nose, and tongue. Using only superior ingredients, he aged his whisky to distinction in premium white oak barrels – and over 150 years later, J.P. Wiser’s whisky is still made using traditional recipes to ensure that the final product lives up to the standards set out by J.P. Wiser many generations ago.

J.P. Wiser’s offers a range of traditional Canadian whiskies.  J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe is an award-winning, full-flavored Canadian Rye whisky that offers a blend of oak, toasted grains and rich toffee, with a smooth and lasting finish. The Triple Barrel Rye has a smooth, bold taste from Wiser’s unique triple barrel production and aging process. The 18 Year Old is a premium whisky that blends notes of autumn florals, fresh pine and apple. Each is a testament to the exacting care with which J.P. Wiser’s Canadian whiskies are produced.

John Philip Wiser grew his whisky empire from humble beginnings into Canada’s best-selling family of whiskies. The choices he made, including using only the highest quality ingredients and aging his whisky longer, has led to a lasting legacy that you can still taste today.