Maison Augier

Augier, the world’s oldest Cognac House was founded by wine merchant Philippe Augier in 1643, at the dawn of the reign of Louis XIV. Its history is that of a pioneering House that, through discovery and experimentation, has brought to light the wealth of the Cognac region’s terroirs and grapes.

Proud of this heritage, the Augier House combines boldness and craftsmanship through a collection of cognacs of character. Created to satisfy the demands of spirits connoisseurs constantly seeking new experiences, the collection reveals three remarkable expressions of the Cognac region—each blended from a limited selection of eaux-de-vie that are the product of a single grape, a single terroir and a distillation method tailored to match.: L’Océanique, Le Singulier, and Le Sauvage.

The Maison Augier philosophy: Strive for typicality, cultivate neglected terroirs and grapes, create cognacs of singular character.