Saint James

Saint James dates back to 1765 when Reverend Father Edmund Lefebure began crafting a cane spirit that many believe was the first Rhum Agricole from Martinique. Initially named Saint Jacques in tribute to Jacques Dyel who devoted his life to developing the island, the rum was renamed Saint James to sound more English when they began doing business with the British colonies.

More than 250 years later, the Agricole Rhums of Saint James are still produced on the island of Martinique using freshly extracted pure cane juice from locally grown sugarcane. Saint James Oenologist Marc Sassier and Master Blender Myriam Bredas, ensure the quality of the rhums by overseeing all aspects of the production from cane to bottle.

Known for their aromatic qualities and unique taste, three award-winning expressions of Saint James AOC Martinique Rhums are currently available in the U.S.: Rhum Imperial Blanc, Rhum Paille and Rhum Vieux. Each has a distinct personality, perfect for mixing and sipping while dreaming of the Caribbean.