Armagnac is the oldest Brandy distilled in France and is believed to date back to 1559 when St. Vivant de la Salle produced the first bottle of Armagnac from his vineyards in Gascony in the southwest of France.

Saint-Vivant Armagnac is produced in Condom, France in the department of Gers from native white grapes (Ugni Blanc and Baco) grown in the Bas-Armagnac and Armagnac-Ténarèze regions of Gascony. The brand remains faithful to its heritage by following traditional production and aging methods to create its legendary spirit.

To honor their famous ancestor, the producers of Saint-Vivant Armagnac commemorated St. Vivant de la Salle’s achievements by using the “crooked bottle” originally used in the sixteenth century. The unique bottle features a wax seal and parchment label reminding one of its prestigious old world pedigree.

Today Saint-Vivant is the second largest producer of Armagnac in the world.