Tap Whisky

Tap into flavor with the award-winning Tap Whisky collection.

Tap Whisky is crafted in small batches at the oldest distillery in Western Canada and finished in small quantities in Quebec by Master Blender Michel Marcel. The result is always a smooth Canadian rye finished with an additional layer of flavor that Tap Whisky fans have come to expect.

The original expression, Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky, is a marriage of two purely Canadian flavors: rye and maple. The rustic, authentic character of rye is complemented by rich maple notes derived from maple trees tapped in the province of Quebec—where syrup tapping was born and perfected centuries ago. This natural flavor is added to a blend of cask-aged, 3-, 5-, and 7-year-old blended rye whiskies then matured further to create the smooth, singular flavor of Tap 357.

Tap has since introduced two marques: Tap Rye Port Finished Whisky (a limited edition bottling introduced for 2014) and the newest expression, Tap Rye Sherry Finished 8 year old. This aged Canadian rye whisky is expertly blended with fine Spanish Amontillado Sherry from Jerez creating a sophisticated spirit that is as smooth as it is unique.