Yeni Raki

Family produced since 1937, the rich heritage of Yeni Raki matches its rich flavor. Tones of aniseed and distilled grapes produce a layered and dramatic spirit revered by consumers throughout the world. The distinctive flavor is created through a highly crafted distillation process by Yeni’s skilled artisans.

Raki is a typical Anatolian spirit with a cultural legacy that can be found throughout Turkey and beyond its borders.  Yeni Raki instantly evokes associations with food and the ‘Raki Table’ – a place where one talks with friends, eats delicious mezze dishes, and drinks Yeni Raki slowly.

To experience Yeni Raki is to understand a part of history and Turkish culture.  The first mention of ‘Raki’ dates back to 1510 when it was widely distilled throughout the Ottoman Empire.  The Ottomans served Raki with mezze dishes and this tradition of enjoying Yeni Raki with food continues today.

Sip slowly, extend memorable moments, and unrush your world with Yeni Raki.